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Bookings, Our Terms and Conditions

Message to You

What we ask when you are considering deposits, cancellation and payment is that we are not a big organisation, we put a lot of work into creating the events and classes we run.  A deposit to us means a commitment from you to join us and in turn it means we commit to venue bookings and the time we allocate for the event.  Please understand the terms we have listed below are not meant to be hard or difficult simply there to honor ourselves and our commitment to what we are offering.

We have done our best over the years to meet the financial needs of those wishing to do our work.  We are happy to discuss payment if you need a different arrangement than what we have asked, for example we are generally happy to work out an installment plan if this can help.

Deposits and Payment

We ask for a deposit at the time of your booking to secure your place.  A deposit/payment can be made by transfer, cheque, cash or Paypal (Paypal  payments will incur an additional 3% to cover their fee).  If you wish to make a bank transfer or pay by cheque please contact us for the correct account details for the event as we use more than one.

Full payment for Retreats and Foundations are due two weeks before the event.

Cancellation Terms and Conditions

For Retreats and Foundations - up to two weeks before the event 50% of the deposit is refundable once paid.  If you cancel within two weeks of the event once full payment has been made 50% of the full fee is refundable. 

For our open workshops once payment has been made if canceled within one week of the event 50% will be refunded.

If you have paid for the event in full, up front and you cancel within the refund period then we will keep half the deposit amount and the rest we will refund to you.

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